Our Club was founded in the fall of 2017 with the goal of starting a conversation around impact investing, or investing for a financial return alongside a social or environmental impact, at the University of Michigan. We started our club with a research division, but we have since grown to three divisions: research, consulting and microfinance. We have grown tremendously because of unwavering focus on our mission which club founder Jiten Parbhoo describes below.

What we do - A founder's welcome

The goal and mission of the Impact Investing Group is to motivate, excite, and educate undergraduate students about the impact investing space. We want to show students through first hand experiences that making a positive impact can be synonymous with a career and that making a difference is not something that has to wait until graduation. Impact can be here and now! We do this specifically through our market research teams, which have produced reports that have been adopted into the Kresge Library and presented in front of foundations and VCs, our VC/PE consulting division, which consults for numerous funds, and our Impact Microfinance Fund, which aims to help entrepreneurs who face a capital barrier.

If nothing else, I hope we can help you find the cause that inspires you to fight day in and out for!
- Peace, Jiten Parbhoo


Michigan Impact Investing Symposium
April 2020
Interested in social and environmental activism or business? Join our conversation with key players in the industry as we discuss impact investing, its current role in the capital markets, and its transition towards the mainstream. The event includes a moderated speaking panel, Q&A and networking sessions, and sustainable investment pitches where both the social impact and financial return are considered in making a recommendation. This annual event is a joint effort with Net Impact and the Global Investments Committee at U of M.