Undergraduate Impact Investing Society (UIIS)

Our club has developed a partnership with the Impact Investing Group at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. EIIG’s success in creating a microfinance fund with a similar model to ours demonstrates the potential viability of our fund. In joint with EIIG, our team is working on establishing a national network of clubs with microfinance funds at universities in the US. This network will be called the Undergraduate Impact Investing Society. We are currently in discussion with students from schools all across the country about starting new chapters. Please contact Conrad Pentaleri (jcpental@umich.edu) for more information or if interested in starting a new chapter.

Impact Microfinance Fund Partners

We have also established a partnership with Lake Trust Credit Union and Michigan Business Connection to facilitate the operations of our fund. These local businesses will help us with the proper legal frameworks for the fund and will assist in servicing the fund’s loans. Lake Trust and MBC professionals will also serve on our Credit/Advisory Board which will guide our students in efficiently running the fund.